Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Beatrice hears her new friend Anna wants to specialize in medicine.


Beatrice: It’s hard, getting to be a doctor.

Anna: I can do it.

Beatrice: I know you can study. But the hours, the crises, the commitment… What kind of a doctor?

Anna: Ears.

Beatrice: Hearing?

Anna: It goes back to my childhood. I’m deaf in my left ear.

Beatrice: No. You never said.

Anna: What’s there to say? I sit so people are on my right. I do fine.



Simple wh- questions can yield surprise answers. At times, exposing some disability.

Yet hardship can be undervalued. Anna has a workaround for her left ear deafness. And it acts as a springboard to a decent career.

I had a friend who consistently pulled only average grades first two years in high school. Then his father died. Six months later my friend was getting top marks in all subjects, and was captain of the school tennis team. He went on to become a doctor, like his father. It was as if the torch had been passed.



guang chen said...

interesting, now I know how to avoid a boring speaking,

tarou4174 said...

That deaf girl is great! because she do not care about her ear.Even She is very positive!
I wanna be like her!

Akiyaman said...

It's nice story.
I was impressed.

tororiki said...

I want Anna to become a doctor.

Robert said...

She has the will of adamant、thinks about her own future. It is wonderful.

Your blog is always interesting.
Please teach me how to write the blog.

Barry Natusch said...

Thanks for those comments. There's a provocative probe in the Proust questionnaire, "What is your weak point?" It can be turned around so you make it look like it's a strength. As Anna does.