Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ephraim visits the Armenian patient.
Ephraim: They what?
Patient: Strapped a strip of metal over my mandible.
Ephraim: Inside?
Patient: Can you see it hanging off my cheek?
Ephraim: Sorry. Silly question. Anesthetic?
Patient: Out from eight this morning til the afternoon.
Ephraim: You did go under? Didn’t hear every word like the one in two hundred that anesthetics don’t work on?
Patient: I was out like a light. But when I woke up apparently I caused a bit of fuss. Tried to escape. Threw things.
Ephraim: You’re not the only one. My great aunt…

No wonder there are no letups in any episode of E.R. or House, or any sitcom set in a hospital. Crises and near death experiences are piled on top of each other. The language tones all this down by turning droll, deprecatory and deadpan.

At the microlevel, people recounting personal experiences follow the same kind of plot and style।

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