Saturday, May 5, 2018

Ginger at the Singapore Botanical Garden

At the Halia…
Guest 1: Everything has a ginger flavor?
Waiter: Correct, madam.
Guest 1: I’ll try the tuna tatare with yuzu, hazelnuts, lime and dragon fruit.
Guest 2: And for me the cauliflower shallot bake. The idea of tomato, coriander and turmeric appeals.
Waiter: Yes, sir, the turmeric is from the yellow ginger in the garden. For drinks, may I recommend Rosemary’s passion? The rosemary is steeped overnight. Or the cucumber turmeric anti-stress tea?

--> The Singapore Botanical Gardens… in the Ginger Garden. Where else? A restaurant where you can taste the health. Halia....

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