Monday, May 21, 2018

Rome's MAXXI

Museo nazionale delle
arti del XXI secolo

On looking at Zaha Hadid’s building from the outside…
Zena: What’s nice about concrete is that it looks unfinished. She said that.
Eva: She said that?
Zena: In Italy, that fits. Tiles that develop a patina. Rome, the eternal city. Construction going on among the ruins. Perhaps that was one of Zaha’s messages here.
Eva: But the tree?
Zena: Make of it what you will.
Eva: Who invented concrete?
Zena: Like everything else, we Romans.
The Romans invented concrete but what Zaha Hadid could do with concrete surprises even Italians.
And the museum has curated three great architectural exhibitions. Tel Aviv: The White City, Home Beirut: Sounding the Neighbors, and Bruno Zevi’s commentaries on Italian architects 1944 to 2000. A seamless passage from building to exhibitions.

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