Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Parallel Monologue: Cars vs Barbecues

Crossed wires...
Ford: The car had its safety check at the Chinese garage. Failed on five counts. Took it to the Indian garage and they said there was nothing wrong with it.
Weber: Know what you mean. Random judgements. Got invited to a street party. Was asked if I could bring a barbecue grill but when my neighbor saw it she said, “Nah, it’s too weak to grill steak.” It cooks sausages OK but I know its got an ignition problem. Hard to start.
Ford: Your car?
Weber: No, the barbecue.
Ford: Mine too. It doesn’t heat.
Weber: Your barbecue?
Ford: No, the car.
Well, no major misunderstandings here. 
Two technologies: one moves, one cooks. Simple topics.
No wonder people have difficulty understanding each other when talking about fuzzy things like relationships or ideologies. Clarification checks avoid parallel monologues.

Mapping the above interaction of stories, questions, clarifications, and comments...
_______  conversational surface progression
- - - - - - -  assumptions generated from own story

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