Wednesday, November 15, 2017

French film: Lumière!

A paean to the genius of the Lumières…
Marguerite: A collection of 108 remastered 50 second-films.
Auguste and Louis
Jeanne: They were inventors and directors, not just inventors, like Edison. He shut the moving pictures in a box, in his kinetoscope. The Lumières showed the moving pictures using their cinematograph, so many people could see at once.
Marguerite: The cinema was born.
Jeanne: Edison’s invention was like seeing pictures on a smartphone. The Lumières created cinema. A distinction that exists today.
A star is born...
Marguerite: They formed a, what you say, a disciplage of directors who went out and shot exotic places and activities. Collaborative power.
Jeanne: And their actualités are really the first documentaries. Apt naming too. Their name means “light”.
Marguerite: And what a body of work they left. Produced 1500 films between 1895 and 1905, then just quit. Went on to other things.

Brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière, inventors, producers, directors. In a sense, they founded the movie business. Kudos to Director Thierry Frémaux for his 4K montage of 108 films: Lumière!

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