Saturday, October 28, 2017

Turkish film: Taksim Hold'em

What movie did you see?
The set
Louis: Taksim Hold’em. Four guys play poker while police and demonstrators fight on the streets outside. The dense, symbolic, clever dialog is a debate between the four friends as they argue whether to get involved or not. Books on the shelves behind reflect their characters and beliefs. A goldfish bowl is symbolic of the enclosed world they swim in.
Auguste: Was there any ad-libbing?
Louis: Apparently not. Its origin had been a group friends being close to a demonstration but who elected to play football instead. That premise became a script passed back and forth and was rewritten many times. It was a tight script to work from.
The crew at TIFF
Auguste: Did you ask a question in the Q&A?
Louis: I wanted to ask if it was conceived of as a stage play and if being shot almost entirely in one room had reduced logistical complexities and production costs. I put my hand up six times but the chair didn’t send the microphone my way.
Afterwards the producer came up to Louis and asked what his question was. He answered that although it was written as a film script, it might become a theater drama. And that taking place in one room had certainly lowered production complexities and costs. THAT was a producer with good PR skills!

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