Monday, September 25, 2017

Visual Vignettes from Incredible India

An attempt to capture a festival on film…
Anil: Take any pictures?
Tara: Four hundred photos. Forty footage clips. That’s after pre-editing and throwing out the failures.
Anil: Is there a theme? Is there a message? Is there a story coming through?
Tara: That’s the trouble. Shooting randomly at a festival. Lots of tiny vignettes but no story running though them all. And not many audible comments.
Anil: It was an Indian festival. In Tokyo. Multiculturalism?
Tara: Indian dances with Japanese dancers. Food, culture, music, people. And parrots. A lot of fun.

Festivals may seem rich seams for filming. Leaving aside the difficulties of shooting in crowds, the blurs, the interrupted shots, it is possible to create short stories told in images and short takes. A series of visual vignettes.

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