Saturday, August 26, 2017

Après funeral of a farmer

A comparison…
Doug: Two funerals in a week!
Diana: Both very different. One of a national celebrity, a writer, the other of a family and community figurehead, a farmer.
Doug: How did the funerals play out?
Diana: The writer had half a dozen eulogies, and songs, and a film of her life. The eulogies were presented, no, performed by her friends in the arts world.
Doug: And the farmer?
Diana: Oh, it was just as well executed. Eulogies and songs. But the tone was different. Family and friends, mainly farmers, remembered him, a bit tearfully, a little self-consciously, in eulogies. The songs were … popular ones.

If we are to go out with people celebrating our life joyfully, including performers and artists among your friends in this life, can burnish an image. Yet to see a mime at a funeral though.

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