Monday, May 8, 2017

Gherkin vs Pearl as Metaphor

There’s a gherkin in our swimming pool…
Kirk: Looks like an alien space ship..
Gherkin in brine...
Spock: The Pearl is a green high tech office building, uses special glass to reduce heat and let light penetrate the interior. Designed to save on electricity for cooling and lighting..
Kirk: Isn’t it a copy of Norman Foster and Ken Shuttleworth’s Gherkin in London?.
Spock: The overall shape, yes, they’re similar. And they’re both energy efficient but the Gherkin has to deal with summer and winter temperatures of London whereas the Pearl has to deal with Bangkok’s year-round heat.
Kirk: The Gherkin is symbolic, right?.
Spock: Well, there is a simplistic symbolism of male power, but the metaphor can be extended. I mean, a gherkin is a green, healthy food. And in Bangkok, the building has been named “Pearl”, a gem symbolizing beauty, purity, and generosity.

Alternative symbols to the “towering innuendo": Gherkins pickled in vinegar or brine symbolize nature and health. Pearls developing from sand and brine symbolize power, wealth and beauty.

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