Saturday, March 25, 2017

Simplicity of the Ford Model A: Strength or weakness?

After the car failed the test...
Soichiro: You need a new car.
Henry: It’s 1997. It is old. The cost of repairs is greater than its value.
Soichiro: Time to upgrade.
Not as simple as it looks...
Henry: Maybe downgrade. Saw a 1927 Model A on eBay. Nice simple machine. Engine needs a little work, but it’s simpler than modern cars.
Soichiro: But a Model A engine only lasts a fraction as long as a modern engine.

Simplicity is not the only consideration. A Model A engine has only three main bearings instead of five, weak connecting rods, unbalanced crankshaft and flywheel, poor oil seals, and many more engineering deficiencies. You can re-engineer the motor but that costs. Not to mention the poor brakes and handling. Classic is not always synonymous with quality.

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