Thursday, February 2, 2017

Black swans as unknown unknowns in the matrix

After designing the Johari window, a business in matrixing evolves…
Joe: We’re on to something with these matrix ideas. Remember Eisenhower asked us to fix him up with one for prioritization?
Harry: And Rumsfeld just called. He wants to clarify combinations between known and unknown variables.
Joe: Easy. Known-knowns like increases in world population. Known-unknowns like the earthquakes. Unknown-knowns like revolutions. And Unknown-unknowns.

Harry: How can you know what unknown-unknowns are?
Joe: They’re the black swans coming out of nowhere. The good like the internet. The bad like 9/11.

Prime matrices: four, nine, sixteen boxes and so on. But the neatest and easiest to grasp are the fours.

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