Saturday, October 15, 2016

Inspired by Galileo's Telescopes

An early interest in astronomy…
Jacques: When I was ten I joined an astronomy club. Someone gave a talk about Galileo building his own telescope. I thought I’d try to build one too.
Antonia: And did you?
Jacques: Well, I didn’t grind the lenses like he did but I put two lenses at opposite ends of two sliding cardboard tubes.
Antonia: It worked?
Jacques: After a fashion. It only had a magnification of about 3 times, and the image was fuzzy. But I painted the tubes red and gold like Galileo’s. It looked artistic.

The telescope was not even as powerful as a spyglass, which preceded Galileo’s models. He ground his own lenses and went from 8 times magnification up to 30 times. And the instruments looked good too. An age of art and science.

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