Friday, February 19, 2016

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium Metaphors

Money talks but metaphor convinces…

The elephant in the park
Ken: Someone said it looks like a bicycle helmet.

Talbot: Then Isozaki called the design process a dull, slow form like a turtle.

Ken: Another said it looks like a toilet seat. Personally it reminds me of a Star Wars storm trooper stomping through an oasis.

Talbot: And then all the talk that it would become a white elephant.
Metaphors and similes can be an architect’s biggest challenge to counter criticisms to his or her design. Going over budget played a big part in Zaha Hadid’s design being scrapped but the metaphors also helped sway public sentiment and sink the project.

A simile is a simple thing
To bend perception,
Create deception
And set off a lot of shouting.

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