Thursday, February 4, 2016

Relevancy deprivation

Abandoned under full sail
Retirement looms…

Bruce: You left 10 years ago. Any pointers?

Michael: People won’t see you as having power, or being useful, simply view you as old, so they’ll talk to you less.

Bruce: I’ll be less relevant.

Michael: It’s been called a relevancy discrepancy, no, that’s not it. Oh, what’s the word?

Bruce: Deficiency?

Michael: No. Divestment? Nope.

Bruce: Despair?

Michael: Relevancy deprivation. That was it. Ah, this Teflon memory. Nothing sticks.

Relevancy deprivation: Said to have been coined by Australian politician Gareth Evans after losing office in 1996, it refers to the sense of deficit after someone who has invested a lot in their career, is ousted. Perhaps it is the corollary of “what you put in you get out.” The amount you put into a career is proportional to the sense of loss when it ends. Unless you find a new ship.

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