Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sugihara Chiune

Sugihara Chiune:
Japanese consul in Lithuania
A humane spirit…

Kristina: What did he do?

Noriko: It’s an amazing story of exponential leveraging. Sugihara Chiune issued 2193 visas, 6,000 people could escape the Nazis, and today there are 40,000 descendants now alive as a result of those visas.

1940 Sugihara Visa:
Russia to Japan to Curacao
Kristina: It reminds me of the Starfish Story.
The Starfish Story:
A boy is walking along the beach and he sees thousands of starfish washed up by the tide. The boy sees a man who is throwing the starfish one by one back into the sea. The boy asks, “Why are you doing that, it won’t help, there are thousands of them stranded here.” And the man picks up another starfish and throws it into the water, and says, “Well, it helped THAT one.”

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