Saturday, October 10, 2015

Reflexive Museums

Video stole the photo show
At Fotografiska…
Henson: Sleek photos.

Bäckman: Very Vogue. And look. Inez and Vinoodh made a video of their stills workflow.  Documents their approach and technique.
Nordiska Museet

Henson: Very reflexive!

Bäckman: Reminds me of the Nordisk Museum. One display dedicated to how the museum was constructed. An exhibition of the museum itself.

Henson: Reflexive.
Salvaging the Vasa

Bäckman: The Vasa Museum did that too.

Henson: What a ship. Vast.

Bäckman: Much of the museum is about how the ship was raised from where it sank.

Reflexivity: a concern for the process as well as the product.

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