Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sleeping on a ship during a SuperMoon

A perigee-syzygy event
Inquiring about a hotel room…

Guest: You have rooms?

Purser: Yes, but I should warn you we are a ship. There could be waves tonight. It is a SuperMoon.

Guest: Ah.

Purser: But not so bad. We are moored to the dock.

Guest: What is a SuperMoon?

Purser: It is what astronomers call a perigee-syzygy event. Astrologers call it a SuperMoon and conspiracy theorists warn of earthquakes and tsunamis.
The SuperMoon passed without anything more than an inch or two higher tide and the hotel boat not capsizing. Praise be to science and that our world is not always ruled by astrologers and conspirators. And a plump orange moon filled the porthole.

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