Saturday, August 29, 2015

Recipe for a Universe

Searching for a metaphor…

Woodward: The universe. I have to write up the universe by tonight.

Bernstein: Hmm, big subject. What’s in it besides you and me?

Woodward: Dark energy, dark matter, particles like neutrinos and atoms. Need a metaphor.

Bernstein: Quite a mix. Write it like a recipe. The particles are ingredients, apply a big bang to stir it up, it becomes a soup of dark energy, dark matter and neutrinos. Mix in atomic particles to become stars and planets to taste.
Would that astrophysics be as easy as cooking. Though some scientists might wish that cooking were as simple as astrophysics.

For CERN’s recipe go here 
“Take a massive explosion to create plenty of stardust and a raging heat. Simmer for an eternity in a background of cosmic microwaves. Let the ingredients congeal and leave to cool and serve cold with cultures of tiny organisms 13.7 billion years later.”

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