Saturday, May 9, 2015

Postcard from Dubrovnik

Breakfast on the sea wall…
Dario: I have to write to my parents. They’re pre-internet, still postal.

Beatrice: (reads) Huh. “Sunny. You’d love it here.” Why don’t you actually TELL them something?

Dario: Like?

Beatrice: Like: “It’s an old walled city on the Adriatic. There's a dozen museums stuffed with stories. Documenting its times of prosperity, its fleets, its culture. And times of being captured by Venice, by Napoleon, and then being slow to make the leap from sail to steam when people like Babić and Pavlović sailed away to new lives in new worlds.”
How to write a postcard? A little light history, a hint of the epic, and a link to those you’re writing to, with names they know.


rolenzo said...

Wait! Isn't that postcard in fact a watercolor by the famous intergalactic painter Bareknuckles?

Barry Natusch said...

The sketch on the postcard front was by an intergalactic Dubrovnian, but the Babylonian Ba Bel did the squiggles on the back.