Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Extreme Reporting Assignments

In a press club…

AP: Stay out of the way of the Islamic State or North Korea.

WP: I guess somebody’s got to file stories.

AP: Takes a special kind of character to go into such places. Could become a hostage. Could lose your head.

WP: What do you carry on the job when you go into difficult places with no police, government, embassies or Red Cross?

AP: The Emma Beals approach. Dumpy bag containing energy tabs, bulletproof vest, med kit, camera, iPad Mindy, Iridium tracker, Moleskine notebook, mic. Don’t look like you are who you are. Blend and look nondescript. You’re thinking of going?

WP: It’s not me. I’ll stick with writing movie reviews. And maybe doing a little Photoshop.


There are journalists who go after real stories. To be the voice of the downtrodden. For justice. Journos whose spirit rejects routine. And then there are those who rephrase stories that are media or in the media.

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