Monday, October 27, 2014

River of Exploding Durians

River of Exploding Durians
Q and A
After a film festival event…

Possum: Photography stunning. Kudos for the DP Kong Pahurak. Location exotic. Great Q and A with very capable interpreting. What’s not to like?

Ned: Well, some scenes too drawn out, character changes sudden, inconsistent, unexplained, for example when Teacher Lim suddenly switches from being a capable, friendly history teacher to tight-lipped terrorist.

Possum: The classroom reenactments of karayuki and Thammasat U. massacre were good.

Ned: Ironic that the amateur theatrics were more genuine than the movie scenes.

Possum: But you have to say, for a first feature length film from a 30 something director, not bad.

Writer, director, editor Edmund Yeo. Three hats?… Sometimes a great director can shine brighter if he co-writes with a scriptwriter, and relinquishes narration pace, rhythm and cutting to an editor.

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