Saturday, October 18, 2014

Photographs in Tables

Stan is uncomfortable with Jan’s view of data and tables.
Stan: So you visited 30 museums in ten days?

Jan: For the purpose of finding out how technology encourages a more engaging and interactive experience for the visitor.

Stan: And you want to list the technological devices in a table. How many devices?

Jan: Eight or ten. Cameras, projectors, iPads, viewers, simulators, interactive booths, studios…

Stan: So you run technology down Column 1, and add the number of devices down Column 2.

Jan: Need more columns for other data. Like simulators could be flight simulators or code-making simulators. Need a column for photographs too.

Stan: Photographs? In a table?

Jan: Sure. Visuals are data too.

Stan: Huh. Next we’ll be seeing video clips in tables.

Statisticians see data as numerical and linguists take words as data. Their tables are traditionally filled with alphanumeric data. Artists regard visual images as data, so it seems legitimate to include photographs in tables.

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