Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Obituary Picture of Robin Williams

Alfredo guesses it is a picture of Robin Williams… 
Grigor: How can you tell? I reduced it as much as I could.

Alfredo: The eyes, the mouth, the nose, they remain. A uniquely Robin combination. You got those. And the dark shadows behind are suggestive.

Grigor: I thought even when he closed his mouth, he was still speaking.

Alfredo: He still does. 80 movies. What's your favorite?

Grigor: Good Will Hunting. He played the therapist, Sean McGuire. Even though he was counseling Will Hunting, he might have been counseling his real-life self.

There have been many obituaries of Robin Williams. Almost all celebrating his talent, generosity and a hint at the obstacles he had to overcome.

Obituaries are a written statement celebrating someone’s life, character and achievements. Sometimes a picture can hint at much of that so Grigor elects to paint an obituary.

With all due respect to artists, the written obituaries can further flesh out the nuances of a life. The personal memories and public stories, the trials and the achievements, the career and the legacy. Robin Williams, a meteor blazing through movies, stage performances and voice-overs. “Five lifetimes in one, said Carrie Fisher.

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