Sunday, June 29, 2014

Merging Film and Social Media

Asked about a conference…
Rima: It’s on Film and Media.

Pru: Papers linking film and media? 

Rima: Mostly they’re on film or they’re on media. An exception was a panel on the changing face of filmmaking. One paper was on a Pakistan film. Made cheaply using cell phone and DSLR camera. Strong story, man is shot. Censorable content and couldn’t be posted on YouTube. So it was posted to Vimeo. Despite this, it garnered 40,000 ‘Likes’.

Pru: Not bad.

Rima: Another presenter emphasized that even films made by smartphones can go viral if their story is strong.

Pru: How does a video go viral?

Rima: Social media. That presenter said he employs a full time website manager, blog writer and FaceBook writer to publicize his films.

Pru: Hmm, a merging of film and social media then. Another role to tack onto the credit list.

Social media is labor intensive. But it’s a crucial PR tool for creative artists. Generating the contacts, writing blogs, creating a fanbase, administering forums are necessary to attract an audience.


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