Sunday, April 13, 2014

Champion Juicers, Spark Plugs and Socks

On aliens and economics…
Chaman: I had a dream: I saw a Champion Juicer as a big, black truck, pulling a load of vegetables.

Chantoya: You’re constantly fantasizing about Champion Juicers.

Chaman: I’m not sure if it’s their rugged engineering, or the quality of the juice.

Chantoya: With you, it’s probably the motor.

Chaman: No, no, I like the juice they make, too. But you know, Champion is also the name of a spark plug.

Chantoya: What’s a spark plug?

Chaman: And Champion is the name of sock maker.

Chantoya: Next you’ll be telling me that Champion is a company that’s set to dominate the world economy.

Chaman: I’ll let you in on a secret. No one knows this, but it’s actually a company run by aliens. They’re set up take us over by economics.
Champion Juicers date from the 1950s. This coincides with the time when UFOs began to appear. Convinced?

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