Friday, February 28, 2014

Situation, Problem, Resolution

Community newspaper office...
Mariana: We need a lead article on page 1.
Tachiana: That yoga school on the mountain. In the grass-thatched gazebo. A coconut plantation. Rubber trees oozing latex.
Mariana: Nice setting. But what about the story?
Tachiana: People come and do all kinds of yoga. Feel good. Go home.
Mariana: You’ve got the situation. But what about the conflict and the solution?
Tachiana: Umm, OK. Two rival yoga schools in town. Problem: neither schools have enough customers to survive. Solution: the owners share resources, move to a unique mountain location, and attract a critical mass of students.

Simple storytelling explaining a principle of elementary economics.
Even amiable Latvian community newspapers need to include a nod to narrative trajectory.


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