Saturday, December 7, 2013

Exploding Tooth and Fukushima Spinach

Tootsie tells all to the Toothsmith…

Tootsie: My tooth exploded. Five pieces. See, here. 
(Hands over plastic envelope of tooth fragments).

Toothsmith. Cracked and broke. Not exploded.

Tootsie: It sounded like it. Suddenly my mouth was filled with shrapnel.

Toothsmith: Tootsie, you’re exaggerating.

Tootsie: I don’t exaggerate. I’m an expressionist. I explain.

Toothsmith: Exactly. I rest my case.
Tootsie told us later that there were actually five others in the dentist’s waiting room whose teeth had exploded. All had recently eaten spinach from Fukushima. Isn’t the conclusion irrefutable? At least for an expressionist. The Toothsmith (whose real name was Goldsmith), was skeptical.

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