Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sidecar of Unreality: Photograph with Magical Metadata


Deep in Otago, peut être …
Simon: Grand panorama.

Essenes: Magical scene. But magic is an illusion.

Simon: It’s an ad of course.

Essenes: Of course. And is therefore quite unreal. That fancy luggage in the sidecar is in for a good wetting.

Simon: This is a good story. The clouds recede to reveal azure skies.

Essenes: Or it may rain. In some stories, the rain deepens the magic.
The reality is that photographers are more likely to cart their gear round in a van.
The scene may even be a Photoshop job.

But this is less romantic than a tale of traversing a mountain pass by motorcycle and sidecar to discover a gothic landscape.

It is a photograph with magical metadata.

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