Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Movies and Critiques

Teachers discuss preparations for a visit to an exhibition…

Aaron: Do you give questions to your students beforehand?
Vinetra: No, just tell them to go look.
Aaron: They have to write a report?
Vinetra: Sure. Two pages.
Aaron: No guidance?
Vinetra: Well, maybe a couple of pointers.
Aaron: May I see the printout? (Reads guidelines handout)) What’s this? Spaces, colors, chronology, labeling, lighting, messages, impressions… There are FORTY questions directing their critique.
Vinetra: Well, maybe a little guidance helps.
Aaron: How disingenuous! I only gave my students four question to answer.
Vinetra: Yours are only shooting a movie. Mine are writing a critique.

Informative answers are triggered by clever questions. Is an informative movie so much easier to make than an academic essay as Vinetra suggests? 

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