Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Premium Rush Flashbacks

Fixed Gear, No Brakes
Fixed Gear Afficionado Enthusiasm…
Cyclo: Fixed gear cycle action sequences…! Whizzing this way and that.
Crito: But the story is confusing. It jumps back in time, then forward.
Cyclo: That reflects bike messenger’s lives. Here, there, everywhere.
Crito: You like bikes. So you like the movie. You identify with it.
Cyclo: Not entirely. I DO have a brake on my bike. I can’t do Wilee.
Are jump-cuts and flashbacks easy to follow?
Overused, they upset the narrative flow.
Each time you get a flashback, it’s like having to restart a story.
Even when it seems to reflect the way a fixed gear fanatic feels and wheels his way through the streets.
But see it. It’s a twisty bit of time travel and a wry wrestle!

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