Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flight Attendant Costumes and Accessories

Nok Beak
Ornithologists muse on recent flights...
Orn 1: You flown Bird Air? Attendants wear BEAKS.
Orn 2: Yeah? I was on a Tiger Air flight with the attendants wearing tails.
Orn 1: I heard, you know, some of the Dragon Air girls have Lisbeth Salander tattoos.
Orn 2: Oh yeah? I once flew on Pegasus.
Orn 1: You did not. Mythical Airline.
Thought goes into the business plan. Then comes the naming. Sometimes akin to clutching at last minute straws. Pelican Freight, fair enough. But KiwiAir, for a flightless bird? Some thought often goes into costumes but accessories... like beaks and tails?

(from Air Raising Stories, 2013).


rolenzo said...

Kiwi Air does chill the bones of the imagination then. But worse, I thought, would be Dodo Air for some south Pacific island nation - what image does that evoke in the airplane domain?
Thanks for imagining.

Barry Natusch said...

Dodo? Running hard to try to get airborne? Speaking of which, just finished reading a highly recommendable book by James Fallows (Atlantic) "China Airborne". Starts with his story of copiloting a Cirrus across Southern China, springboards to an account of China's aviation industry (so frightening I wonder I ever made it out of China alive in the early 80s) a pirouette around the rink of Chinese Industrial Policy, before taking a Cumulo-Nimbo flight out.