Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Endangered Weeds

Swan Plant aka Milkweed
Greenfinger and Bluetooth walk around the garden.
Weeds. Milkweed. See? Break the stem and milk comes out.
You’ve got another kind of milkweed over here. Swan plants.
That’s for the butterflies.
Swan plant is also called milkweed. Asclepias fruiticosa. There’s heaps of plants in the Asclepias genus.
After the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius.

They name WEEDS after me? 
“Weed” is a subjective expression. Implying something of an invasive nature.
Something invasive can scarcely be called “endangered.”
Is “endangered weed” thus an oxymoron?
To developers unsympathetic to biodiversity, any plant could be a weed.
I propose a new new category to counter the depredations of human commerce.
Endangered weeds.

Milkweeds, a big family, 140 described. Noted for nectar, butterfly gardening, flowers. They have a surprising number of human uses too: medicinal, insulation, sweetening, cords, rubber.


Anonymous said...

Can someone else rescue the "endangered weed" as well as "endangered species"? There are varieties plants and animals dying out every second. Human being rely on creatures a lot. Herb tea is one of the plant's medicine, it might come from the weed of the milky plant in which bees would like to stay.

Barry Natusch said...

All species need rescue at some stage. Help them on their feet or give them food if they're an animal. Help them with water or roots if they're a plant. We can all be helpers. Anytime. Look around, there's always someone or some animal, or some plant in need of some HELP. HTH.