Monday, August 20, 2012

Cyclamen aesthetics

Cyclamen aestheticus

Discussion over cyclamen as a national flower…
Noam: You cannot claim the cyclamen as Cyprus’s national plant.
Neoklis: Why not? It meets the criteria for being a national plant. It is not already a national plant of another country. It’s widely distributed and well-known in Cyprus. It has an aesthetic value.
Noam: It originated from Europe to the Middle East and was only taken to Greek Islands by monks.
Neoklis: The species Cyclamen cyprium is native to Cyprus.
Noam: Cyclamen is already the national plant of Israel.
Neoklis: Ha. Cyclamen persicum. The Israelis are fighting Iran over a PLANT?
Noam: That is another kind of plant. And aesthetics?
Neoklis: Undeniably aesthetic. Delicate needle-like stigma, swept back petals. Striking.

Cyclamen are beautiful. Paintable and photogenic.
Beauty can also have a dark side.
Cyclamen are somewhat poisonous.
Some humans attach an unlucky belief to cyclamen that “all good things will end”. It can be part of the floral arrangement at funerals.
Such are the beliefs of some humans. But there is an anthropomorphic aspect. Do cyclamen regard themselves as having a funereal nature? And would cyclamens claim Hebrews and Cypriots as their chosen people?


Anonymous said...

An aesthetics of Cyclamen is unique plant in an Island? Is this can survive in a house plant or only plant in a widely field? Beautiful white and purple, it matches beautifully as an angel.

Barry Natusch said...

Cyclamen cyprium are not uncommon in Cyprus, other varieties are less widely found. Occasionally flowers are chosen as national flowers because they are rare. One of Indonesia's national flowers, Rafflesia arnoldii, is actually a very rare flower.But in general, flowers are chosen as national flowers because they are endemic and fairly easily found.