Sunday, May 27, 2012

Film as a mirror of culture

Ozu and Kurosawa in one frame each...
Film can be a mirror of culture.
Something like national cinemas? But can it be defined?
Tricky term “national cinema.” Needs words. I like the term “mirror of culture.” Graphic.
But different directors have a different view of the culture they film. Presumably there are extremes? Sometimes a quiet reflective cultural portrait. Sometimes a rambunctious rollicking riproaring one?
Something come to mind?

How about Ozu and Kurosawa?
Ah. Tokyo Story and Seven Samurai?

“National Cinema” is a term which scholars cannot agree on (Andrew Higson). It might be related to where the film is made, who made it, what it’s about and why it was produced.  “Cultural mirror”, is an image used by Harvie Conn to suggest that film reflects attitudes, values, philosophies and lifestyles.


Anonymous said...

"Different directors have a different view of the culture they film". Exactly, a director who need to have global view to edit the film. Each film reflects culture's difference. it's macroscopic, riding in the helicopter from sky to look down the landscape.

Barry Natusch said...

Microscopic, macroscopic, good words those. Relating to Japanese film, it's like the difference between Ozu and Kurosawa; Ozu having a micro-approach to verbal and non-verbal communication, Kurosawa being macro.