Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moses in a nutshell

Moses? OK. In a nutshell.

Follow God? Follow me!
Hebrew boy children are being killed in Egypt, mother puts Moses in a basket on the river, princess picks him up and raises him, Moses grows up with Ramses who later becomes king, Moses finds he is Hebrew, escapes to Midian, God tells him "Set the Hebrew slaves free," Moses uses God's power to attack Egypt and Ramses, Hebrews exodus from Egypt. Soldiers chase them, God opens the waters, Hebrews escape, soldiers drown. Hebrews wander, become unruly, worship multiple gods. God gives Moses ten commandments to control society: e.g. Follow ONE god, do NOT kill, steal, get jealous.
Who? Moses
Where? Egypt to Jordan
What? Hebrew Exodus
When? 3000 years ago
Why? Hebrews were slaves, wanted their own land, needed a leader, leader needed laws to control followers.

In a nutshell? The outer casing, the general shape. Inside is the meat. Idiom meaning outline.

wh5 frames it!

Epic story! See The Ten Commandments. Or if you haven't the patience for 3.5 hours of 1956 drama, try the light and breezy 1.5 hours animation The Prince of Egypt (1998).


Anonymous said...

A story from 3000 years ago. An ENDURING story. Famous like the Jesus story. Need the Ten Cs of course, no rules, there is CHAOS. So leaders need rules and they tell us God gives them AUTHORITY.

Barry Natusch said...

Yes. I'm still doubtful that all leaders lead and guide for the welfare of their people. And their use of God to reinforce their own authority is not something that all their followers realize.