Wednesday, February 1, 2012

White Wabbit

The Puppet Rabbit tells why…
Pinocchio: "White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit." Where did that come from?
Rabbit B: It came from a Puppet Wabbit. Long time ago. He told kids, you say “White Wabbit” three times soon as you wake up on the first day of a new month, you get good luck for the west of the month.
Pinocchio: My family had natural good fortune. We bent the truth a little at times, it is true, but we were all lucky. Our master Gepetto told us.
Rabbit B: An ancestor puppet wabbit was told by his master you have to make your luck happen. Saying “White Wabbit” every first day of the month is an affirmation.
Pinocchio: If you don’t my asking, why do you puppet rabbits call yourselves “wabbits”?
Rabbit B: That was my Uncle Bugs. He started it. He was a glider.
We might add that it was Uncle Bugs’ puppeteer Elmer’s voice-over that began this. Gliding the “r” into a “w” may be a little condescending to kids, but  if it were a genuine disorder, perhaps a palatologist could have sorted him out.


Anonymous said...

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Three times i said in the first day of month. YEAH! i have a good luck.
No idea about whether the "M" Law heard "THIS" or not. I believe, three rabbits strong than a Mr. M. Cheers!

Barry Natusch said...

If "M Law" means "Murphy's Law" (?) then the argument goes that "White Rabbit" uttered three times at the beginning of month is more powerful than Murphy? Interesting idea! Beliefs are interesting! Some people worship the head of sardine. I reckon White Rabbitism has more cachet than that!

Anonymous said...

Misunderstandings occur when people insist on their own opinions or beliefs. I agree. even endangered beliefs like “White Rabbitism” should be protected. It’s like protecting “endangered cultures.”