Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A win-win retribution: Wall Street II

Narrative Profile: Wall Street I (blue) & Wall Street II (red)
Wall II follows Wall I’s narrative… with a twist…
Saturday night was a good night to stay in and watch a movie. Except I watched two.
Two the same. Well a prequel  followed by a sequel. Wall Street the original and…
Money Never Sleeps?
The very pair. And they are so similar.
Because of Michael Douglas?
That but more than that. It’s the narratives. They have an identical narrative profile. But with a twist in II.
Ah. Bad old guy vs innocent newbie?
Bad old guy corrupts innocent idealistic newbie who then outwits bad old guy. Bud in Wall I gets a confession on tape of Gordon Gekko and Jake in Wall II derails Gordon with a movie of his grandson on CD. Media denouement, both times.
You’d think Gordo would have learned not to trust media.

Media. You can imagine Oliver Stone thinking, “Bud wore a wire and taped Gordon to get him put away for twenty years. But in Wall II, I’ll have Jake give Gordon a film of his grandson’s ultrasonic scan (a representation of a representation) to reel him back into the family and give back the 100 million.

Wall I: Young idealistic newbie (Bud) uses medium of sound recording tape to attack Gordon. Destructive retribution.
Wall II: Young idealistic newbie (Jake) uses meta-media to subdue Gordon, defeat him, win the money back, and bring him into the family. A win-win retribution.


Anonymous said...

There are many perspectives of people's views. Whatever you have seen, it might not a really world. Money, it's a complicate issue. Two good movies, it showed and revealed people's greedy, ugly mind. Can you have so much money, and with a good heart for saving this world?

Barry Natusch said...

Jake was trying to divert Gordon's 100 million into a green-energy project. To achieve this end, he had to employ a strategy: appeal to Gordon's desire to extend his lineage through a grandchild. It took time, but it worked. Seems to say, people shop through their emotions, not much by reason.