Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monchichis play Hesiod and Perses!

Hesiod and Perses lean on the back fence looking at the vege garden.    

Hesiod: Been away on the boat? 

Perses: Practicing navigation by the stars. Followed Orion.
Hesiod: Ah. You followed Orion, while he was chasing the Pleiades.
Perses: The Seven Sisters? They’re low in the west now.
Hesiod: So you will know it’s now time to stop summer voyaging, bring the boat ashore, and plough and sow the fields.
Perses: I can do both. Plant and peregrinate. See, I’ve got lettuce and cabbage and broccoli all ready for harvesting. And I’ve brought fish.

Casting MONCHICHIs as Hesiod and Perses? Soft toys speaking Greek? Does it work? Did The Ten Commandments work better than The Prince of Egypt? Horses for courses? In Hollywood, aka “smart casting.”

“And if longing seizes you for sailing the stormy seas,
when the Pleiades flee the mighty Orion
and plunge into the misty deep
and all the gusty winds are raging,
then do not keep your ship on the wine-dark sea
but, as I bid you, remember to work the land.”



rolenzo said...

But did H&P have the Monchichian predilection for thumbsucking? If so, a prognathic prognosis.

Dottore Rolenzo di Noici di Moncici

Barry Natusch said...

I have it from the father that Hesiod did not suck his thumb, but Perses did. The father maintained that the first born, who did not suck, seemed to have a sense of responsibility whereas the second born, who sucked, did not. The father therefore bequeathed his land to Hesiod which caused friction and a later lawsuit between the two sons. Do all Monchichis suck their thumbs? If so, should we recast Hesiod? Get me Casting.