Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Form and function in motorcycles

Two riders, KTM and BMW, at a café…
KTM: Just saw Tron Legacy. Loved those light cycles. Seen it?
BMW: Saw it. Motorcycle as art?
KTM: Art but fiction.
BMW: How about a nonfiction motorcycle? As art that is.
KTM: Form or function?
BMW: Form.
KTM: Ferrari V4 concept.
BMW: If looks could kill it would. A design like that won’t even turn a corner.
KTM: OK, how about function?
BMW: The Britten? Won some races.
KTM: But, oooh, so lurid. The curves, I don’t know. And it often broke down.
BMW: Guess it only leaves… the Honda Cub. Pure function becomes art. 50 million riders can’t be wrong. But are they… missing … something…?
The objects are not in the café but in the shared experience of the speakers. The expressions “light cycle”, “Ferrari motorcycle”, “Britten” and "Honda 50" ignite the images.
The conversation mimics the decision trajectory of a shopper torn between buying something for its form and finally succumbing to a decision based on function.

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