Thursday, July 16, 2009

New York talk

Two New Yorkers bump into each other on the street.

How you bin?

Well, not so good you know, the economy…

Yeah, yeah. Anyway, you want a coaffee?

Naw, got no time. Gotta go woikout.


The sociolinguistics of New York English is fascinating.

The accent is colorful. Like “o” as in “coffee” becomes “oa”. Or the “er” as in “firm” becoming “oi”, or “r” in “park” being dropped, or "or" in "talk" becoming "tawk."

There aren’t many vocab items, maybe “standing on line” instead of “standing in line.”

Mainly it is the speed at which New Yorkers talk, the aggression with which they approach a conversation, which leaves non-New Yorkers wondering just when to break in and say their piece.


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