Saturday, March 7, 2009

Overeating and overreading

Gerhard and Gert differ in their excesses.


Gerhard: I need to lose weight.

Gert: You could start by eating less.

Gerhard: I NEED food. Keeps me alive.

Gert: If you weren’t so, well, BIG, you wouldn’t need to eat such amounts. It’s chicken and egg.

Gerhard: I know people who eat heaps. Okay, so other factors come into it. Anyway, how about YOUR excesses? You READ way too much. You’re a book glutton.

Gert: At least I READ all the books I buy.

Gerhard: You do. I grant you that. Makes you a bit of a rare bird. But don’t you feel your swells a bit after reading?

Gert: Like getting an OBESE HEAD? I will say at times I feel a bit overwhelmed and can scarcely waddle – mentally.


Excessive intake of food, excessive intake of knowledge. One grist is concrete, the other abstract.

The more we shove in, the more we push out?

Could that be why the ascetic who eats a little, then ruminates, who reads a little, then meditates, is neither fat, nor big-headed? And often lives long?

Less can be more.

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