Thursday, January 15, 2009

If you Google Apple

Tim and Larry discuss the health of Steve Jobs vs Sergey Brin.


Tim: We just don’t know. He’s an extrovert on stage, a performer, but when it comes to private issues like health, he plays his cards very close to his chest.

Larry: The worse it gets, the less he says?

Tim? Maybe. Maybe so.

Larry: Not in denial?

Tim: Who knows? Could be that. Could be his doctors don’t even know. Could be…

Larry: Unlike Sergey: Quiet guy. Says very little but then finds he might, might, I stress, have a gene predisposing him to Parkinson’s Disease. So what does he do? Comes out with it right there on his blog. Says it straight off.

Tim: Difference is, Steve’s unwell, and Sergey’s in great shape. Steve faces problems right now. Sergey may have years.



Disclosure of information. Two different approaches. Steve’s approach is to control it, keep it under wraps until it can’t be contained any longer. Sergey’s approach is to come right out and say it.

Though, as Tim suggests, you may react to a present crisis differently to a future hypothetical scenario.


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