Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harold Pinter Conversations

Mick and Ruth discuss the conversations in Harold Pinter plays.


Mick: Where did he get them from, those conversations, someone said, “packed with menace”?

Ruth: So banal yet so menacing. Years ago, an English lecturer I had I think, said Pinter jotted down what he heard while riding on buses. How about that! A Nobel prize for conversations overheard on buses.

Mick: It’s not what’s said. It’s how he put them together. The context: the characters, their relationships, their interactions, the silences. Oh yes, the silences. The gaps before and after what they said. “What have you done with the scissors?”

Ruth: So when you say you admire the reality of Pinter’s conversations, is it the menace or the banality?

Mick: Oh the menace, the menace.



"Silence. A drip sounds in the bucket.. They all look up. 

Mick: You still got that leak. 

Aston: Yes.


Bronze is a common metallic compound, yet sculptures of Henry Moore or Barbara Hepworth transcend the medium.


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