Sunday, January 25, 2009

Energy of Shanghai

Two overseas Chinese discuss moving back to mainland China.


Tsai: What’s your favorite city?

Mao: City, uh? For living or visiting?

Tsai: Both. Place where you might visit and like so much that you are tempted to fantasize about quitting your job, and relocating there.

Mao: Reinvent myself, reschedule my life?

Tsai: Place where you live and work is the anchor to your life, it defines how you think and behave.

Mao: How about Shanghai? Tell you why. It’s got a colorful history, it’s always changing, there’s variety in the culture, it’s got energy. It embraces technology, it has a green consciousness. It’s got a future.


Making a decision as important as where to live comes down to the questions you must ask yourself. What are you looking for? Is it the traditions, or the future? Is it the ambience or the drive? Safety or intrigue? The nature, the culture? The sights, the sounds, the tastes, the smells?

How does the metropolitan character mesh with personal identity?


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