Friday, December 12, 2008

Do you think he knows?

Sunni and Shariah peer over the balcony at the construction site below.


Sunni: They've started already.
Shariah: Demolition will be finished this week. Did you see the report?
Sunni: Oh yes. Construction starts January 10th. Noise and dust. But worse than that. Thirty floors.
Shariah: Thirty! I didn't think any more high rises were allowed.
Sunni: They changed the law.
Shariah: Oh no. Our view! It'll totally block our view.
Sunni: At least we don't own it. We can move to the other side of the building.
Shariah: But poor Eric. Do you think he knows?
Sunni: Move out first. He'll find out in due course.
Eric, being the landlord, would, in the normal course of events, be the first to find that the view from his condominium was about to be "built out." But being an absentee landlord means that his information lines are sometimes blocked, or shall we say, "filtered."

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