Monday, November 3, 2008

Average blog life expectancy

Munching on a choco ball at Wawee Coffee shop in Ari, Pierre ponders the life expectancy question with Owen. Both are hunched over laptops.

Pierre: This guy, Nicolas Carr, he poses interesting questions. Like "does the average avatar use as much electricity as a Brazilian?"

Owen: He's the one that wrote "Is Google making us stupid, right?"

Pierre: No chameleon. The very same.

Owen: So does he answer the question?

Pierre: He does some sums.

Owen: And makes it look like it?

Pierre: He also gives some anecdotal reportage. Like Second Life is on full power all the time powering ten to fifteen thousand avatars' movements at any time.

Owen: That I can visualize. He asked a good question. Got our attention. Got any suggestions?

Pierre: For a good question? How about, "What's the average life-expectancy for a blog?"

Owen: Got it. 33 months. That's for the top 100 blogs.

Pierre: Google tell you that?

Owen: They been there, done that. Already.

Questions are the answer. Or, interesting questions generate interesting information.

Go Nicholas Carr.


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