Saturday, October 18, 2008

Natural soap

Sandra washes with a non-brand, roughly-cut, mottled soap bar.


Rebecca: Funny looking soap.

Sandra: Home-made. My friend makes it. Natural products.

Rebecca: I tried a natural soap once, it melted in the bath.

Sandra: It melts, you have to dry it every time you use it, not easy to use, but allergies don’t bother me now.

Rebecca: Ordinary soaps have chemicals?

Sandra: So they say. But they lather easily, whereas with this home-made soap, suds take work.



It's not a soap commercial.

It's a nice example of women’s talk. The opening challenge swiftly turns into an exchange of information. Shared experience (“I tried it once…”) leads to a discussion of strengths and weaknesses (“…melts…but no allergies…) and conciliatory flavorings ("So they say...").

It’s not to say men don’t follow this pattern too… but…you might expect a bit more jousting and posturing at the beginning.


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