Tuesday, September 2, 2008

State of Emergency

William calls up Nok in Thailand after a state of emergency has been declared.
William: Are you OK?

Nok: Fine. Why?

William: I just read on yahoo a state of emergency has been declared in Thailand.

Nok: Oh yes. Again.

William But apparently Samak ordered the military in.

Nok: Well, the story is probably a bit overstated. The military have appeared but they don’t carry guns.

William: Take care.

Nok: Thai protests are usually quite gentle.

William: Except for the guy that died of head injuries.


Media hype? When not much is happening, a declaration like a state of emergency in Thailand will grab readers’ attention and so it is pushed to the top of the news listings. Page viewings of the event probably owe more to tourists worried about flight delays than a concern for Thai politics.

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