Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Installing AirMac Extreme

After three hours trying to get the AirMac Extreme base station to work on the wireless LAN, Steve calls up the AppleCare helpdesk.


Helpdesk: Click on the PPoE option.

Steve: What? Not the DHCP option?

Helpdesk: No, not the DHCP.

Steve: OK. The PPoE it is. Hey, that’s it! We’re on. Safari got the homepage! Three machines online! Now we can go back to some real work!

Helpdesk: Your case number is 4760721. Have a nice day.

Steve: You betcha. Think you could add some pictures to those dialogue boxes?

Helpdesk: I'll talk to my boss.



Wrestling through it by yourself, coming to terms with terms like DHCP and PPoE, can take hours. Getting grumpy and often blaming the blameless. Even though some dialogue boxes carry arcane terminology and not enough pictures.

Consulting a expert who advises on this every day might only take a few minutes. Leaving time to triumphantly trumpet, “Now we can go back to some real work!” 


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